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Healthy Shoulders at Ahimsa Oak Park

Gravity, posture, repetitive use activities even yoga can cause less than optimal movement patterns in the head, neck and shoulders. This workshop will help students identify their individual postural issues, and provide specific strategies to both mobilize and stabilize the upper part of the torso. Geared towards anyone with a set of shoulders, yoga experience is not required, all props and equipment provided. Bring a mat and a phone that takes pictures if you have them. Fee: $28/Member: $23 (Members are students enrolled in monthly auto-pay membership.  Book online and save $3 at checkout

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The Healthy Shoulders workshop was very well thought out and thorough. Starting with an assessment of our neck and shoulder status helped to pinpoint which exercises would be most beneficial. I'm hopeful that I will be able to begin to get control of my neck and shoulder issues based on what I learned. Many thanks to Andrea!

I just got home from Andrea's workshop and found it to be very helpful, both to my own neck and shoulder issues, but also for bringing better stretching to my patients. I appreciated that she addressed not just pain, but posture, especially forward head, and spinal alignment.