A lifelong athlete, Andrea Lissuzzo started practicing ashtanga yoga in 2002, after her second child was born. Captivated by the rigor and discipline, she practiced Ashtanga exclusively for five years. During that time, she finished her PhD in social work, completed teacher training, and began teaching both yoga and social work. When her teachers moved away, Andrea resolved to continue to grow and evolve as a student and teacher. She began exploring alternative and equally engaging styles of practice with a wider range of postures and an emphasis on alignment, prop usage and accessibility. Through years of dedicated practice and study, Andrea now is proficient at reaching both beginner and experienced yogis, and her public schedule offers both gentle, grounding practices as well as more energetic, flowing options. Off of the mat, Andrea spends her time managing two teenagers, a husband and a very rambunctious chocolate lab, as well as teaching yoga and social work at Dominican Univesity.