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Peak Pose Workshop at Ahimsa Oak Park: pincha mayurasana/forearm balance

This workshop will challenge and invigorate. A 90 minute session dedicated to strength, flexibility, breath control and focus. Geared toward students with an established practice, the workshop will explore a peak posture that requires sufficient time and preparation to access. Opportunities to slow down, preparatory poses and modifications will be offered, and props will be used, so that the student will understand the various elements of the posture and can approach it in a safe, thoughtful manner. Fee: $23/Members: $18.Members are students enrolled in Ahimsa's monthly auto-pay membership. Book online to save $3! 

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Today's peak pose series was just the right blend of challenge and confidence-boost. I appreciated the way the peak pose was mapped out ahead of time so we could dive into a nice long uninterrupted practice understanding where it was all headed. And it proved true that gradually opening up the areas that need to be open to accomplish an advanced pose really did the trick. I left with a feeling of accomplishment in addition to having had a challenging yoga practice. Who could ask for anything more?